Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Working hard or hardly working


Due to _____ (1) belief nowadays, overworking is somewhat of a controversial topic that have an almost infinite number of viewpoints. There are _____ (2), including people from the general public as well as health experts, who claim that we as a species need a focus _____ (3) life; maybe in a way that is better said, we need to feel productive in order to find happiness. _____ (4), there are of course many who argue the contrary. They appear to state that overworking only leads to stress and anxiety, and we must find a delicate balance _____ (5) work and leisure time to ensure a healthier future and _____ (6) avoid the exploitation of the workforce. To thrive in a job, one needs to feel both valued and also taken care of by their superiors. So, modern trends suggest that we as a population _____ (7) the workplace to be at the very least safe. In addition to this, we wish our employers to look out for our interests and not only be concerned by their quarterly financial reports. This is, however, easier said than done and recent evidence suggests that quite the opposite is more _____ (8) to be the case.


  1. A. normal B. obvious C. popular D. everyday
  2. A. them B. they C. those D. all
  3. A. in B. on C. with D. around
  4. A. However B. But C. Although D. Contrary
  5. A. of B. between C. in D. with
  6. A. also B. in addition C. too D. thus
  7. A. hope B. expect C. find D. try
  8. A. probably B. maybe C. perhaps D. likely



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