Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Secrets to eating out healthily 


Here’s some food for thought: A typical restaurant meal contains ____ (1) than 1,100 calories. If you’re like the average American, you eat ____ (2) five times a week—which could wreak havoc on your____ (3). But before you vow to brown-bag it forever, know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Food economists and consumer behaviour experts have ____ (4) studying the habits of restaurant-goers to identify ____ (5) some leave happily satisfied and others fall into a food coma. They’ve learned ____ (6) menu choices may have as much to do with where you’re sitting as what you’re craving. A host of factors, from the room’s lighting to the height of your table can encourage you to make more nutritious decisions. Here’s how to set yourself up to enjoy a waist-friendly meal to the fullest. Research shows that when we eat ____ (7) large groups, we tend to order similar types of food: Everyone opts for a salad, say, or most of the table indulges in burgers. Food economists from Oklahoma State University found that diners who caved to this subtle peer pressure also tended to be happier ____ (8) their choice. Looking for dinner dates? In Complete your guest list with a few friends more likely to get a side of salad than fries.


Choose the best word from the following options:


  1.       A. more           B. about           C. much            D. less
  2.       A. up                 B. out               C. food             D. on
  3.       A. food             B. life                 C. diet               D. habit
  4.       A. have             B. had               C. being                       D. been
  5.       A. what                B. when C. why             D. where
  6.       A. that             B. which           C. if                    D. whose
  7.       A. at                   B. on                  C. in                   D. around
  8.       A. to                  B. for                 C. with              D. in



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