Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


The launch of the new Ipod


How the mighty have fallen! ____ (1) upon a time, the iPod was the jewel in Apple’s crown, the most sought after product of all: the mass market commercial success ____ (2) introduced tech consumers at large ____ (3) the beauty and wonder (and high prices) of the Apple products. Nowadays that place, and much of its ____ (4) to exist, has been taken by the iPhone, and the iPod has even suffered the indignity of being removed from the main menu bar on Apple’s website as it no longer has the sales that it once had and isn´t seen as a necessity for gadget lovers. But lots of you ____ (5) love your iPods, and use them regularly – so regularly in fact, we’d guess, that they’ve practically worn out and can no longer be used. And you’re probably wondering when Apple is going to get ____ (6) to launching some new iPods so that people those who love them can replace their out of date models. Well, so, for that ____ (7), are we. That’s why we’ve put together this article bringing together all the information and UK release date rumours related to Apple’s iPod plans, looking at past release dates and public statements, as ____ (8) as rumours and speculation from industry analysts and supply-chain leakers, to provide some insight into whether Apple is likely to update its iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod classic (and when it’s likely to do so), or if it’s more likely to quietly kill them off.


Choose the best word from the following options:


  1.       A. Erase              B. Twice C. Once            D. All
  2.       A. that              B. who              C. when           D. where
  3.       A. in                   B. to                   C. at                   D. with
  4.       A. motive        B. way               C. response    D. reason
  5.       A. yet                B. still                C. already        D. too
  6.       A. around        B. to                   C. about           D. in
  7.       A. way              B. issue             C. matter         D. problem
  8.       A. soon             B. long              C. often                       D. well



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