Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Scaling Everest


The highest place on our planet, Mount Everest continues to _____ (1) crowds of climbers to their peril as they keep trying to _____ (2) it. Nepal is currently becoming the most popular destination in the world for adventure tourism. _____ (3) to the increase in number of climbers, especially those without the right amount of experience is causing _____ (4) with schedules and waiting times to be able to _____ (5) the summit. Everest has taken the lives of one in every three people who have tried to climb it and in reality; people should have some kind of assessment to see if they _____ (6) to the job of climbing it. Once suggestion has been to only allow people to climb with an overpriced permit (more expensive than the one that currently exists), so that only a _____ (7) few or those with a waiver for the fee can actually have access to it. Everest should really only be for the privileged few who have the necessary skills to _____ (8).


Choose the best word from the following options:


  1.       A. bring               B. draw C. attract          D. get
  2.       A. conquer      B. win                C. defeat         D. take on
  3.       A. Because      B. Due               C. On account D. As
  4.       A. harm               B. issues C. havoc           D. interruptions
  5.       A. reach           B. arrive at      C. go to             D. get up to
  6.       A. are into       B. are up          C. have             D. take
  7.       A. chosen        B. select           C. fortunate   D. lonely
  8.       A. face it          B. confront it  C. take it on    D. beat it



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