Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Minority Languages


There are 6,500 spoken languages on planet earth and that is just taking _____ (1) account the spoken languages in this day and age, not the ones that are currently extinct. If we look back across time, we _____ (2) encounter an endless list of languages and dialects. Having said that, what is most concerning is that there are many minority languages in places such as Wales and even Spain that are at risk _____ (3) dying out. This is because over 2000 of these said minority languages have fewer _____ (4) 1000 speakers living today and are in a sense, dead languages as they do not evolve in the way that modern languages do.

What many of you might be saying to yourselves is; what is the point _____ (5) keeping these languages “alive”? A language is one of the most complex art _____ (6) that exist. It encapsulates the whole culture, history and background of a people and compiles it into a useful working entity that is _____ (7) evolving with its use. If we lose a minority language, in reality what we are _____ (8) is history. And that is a sad day for humanity.


Choose the best of the 4 options:


  1. A. This        B. They      C. There    D. We
  2. A. out         B. for          C. with       D. into
  3. A. cannot  B. should   C. can         D. must
  4. A. at           B. in            C. on          D. of
  5. A. than      B. as           C. of           D. like
  6. A. for         B. in            C. at            D. over
  7. A. concepts  B. forms    C. methods   D. ways
  8. A. ever       B. shortly  C. rarely    D. constantly
  9. A. losing    B. missing C. taking    D. wasting



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