Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton MBE was born in Hertfordshire, England on the 7th of January 1985. _____ (1) coming from a fairly modest family and having a humble background, he has _____ (2) on to win 5 Formula One championships over the _____ (3) of his career. Hamilton is somewhat of a controversial character and is often hitting headlines for spending time with celebrities such as Justin Bieber or being at _____ (4) with teammates due to his competitive nature. Another issue that has seen him appear in the press was his decision to settle in Switzerland in what some called a “tax dodging” _____ (5), but when one takes a closer look at the matter, the truth is that he spends little to no time in a permanent home, so it just made good _____ (6).

When Hamilton burst _____ (7) the scene, it was quite a feat. Not only due to his tender age and mature driving style, but also because he represented a minority in the sport. Now 34, Hamilton is still going strong in the sport and bidding to add yet another title to his hoard. He must still be _____ (8) among the favourites for this year’s championship, but as is the nature of Formula One, cars go fast and tides can turn even faster. We are yet to see what the season holds for the fan favourite and current world number one.


  1. A. Although B. Despite C. Whereas D. As
  2. A. carried B. kept C. come D. gone
  3. A. span B. range C. period D. work
  4. A. odds B. differences C. arguments D. risks
  5. A. move B. reside C. relocation D. adaptation
  6. A. mind B. decision C. sense D. choice
  7. A. into B. out of C. on D. onto
  8. A. named B. called C. regarded D. known

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