Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Idioms and expressions


Where on earth do phrases _____ (1) as “be over the moon” or “let the cat out of the bag” come from? The origin of expressions is a fascinating _____ (2) of language learning that truly gives them the appearance of being a _____ (3) of art. It is important to keep in _____ (4) that languages evolve. They are forever changing and being influenced by new cultures and even spontaneous occurrences that as you would say, _____ (5) out of the blue. A person can truly consider themselves to be _____ (6) in a language when they have got the grasp of these idiomatic expressions and can take them in without the necessity to translate them into their mother _____ (7). Idioms demonstrate a knowledge of history and culture that goes far beyond basic translation or even the memorisation of grammar structures. They are what make language interesting, playful and creative and therefore should be _____ (8) by all language learners and not handled with fear and suspicion. 


  1. A. such B. like C. yet D. so
  2. A. aspect B. thing C. facet D. ingredient
  3. A. job B. form C. work D. bit
  4. A. account B. mind C. consideration D. thought
  5. A. arrive B. get C. come D. appear
  6. A. fluency B. fluently C. perfect D. fluent
  7. A. idiom B. tongue C. language D. lexis
  8. A. cuddled B. hugged C. embraced D. expected



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