Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


How to not push yourself too hard


Many people seem to get a great, but sometimes undeserved _____ (1) for working like a dog when in reality, they achieve about the same as a panda bear; in _____ (2) words, just about nothing. So why is it that these people seem to get away without doing much at all in the workplace or _____ (3) the house? 

The key to being able to do what you feel like in this type of context ______ (4) in a couple of key factors. The first being the _____ (5) with which you give your explanations. For example, when you are approached and put on the spot by your boss or line-manager, you had better give an explanation of everything with the _____ (6) detail and also make it look as if nothing gives you greater pleasure than to explain your actions. The next thing is to have an endless list of menial tasks that do not really exist that you can pull out of the hat at a whim and use as a _____ (7) justification of your actions when needed. The final thing is to make sure that from the off, meaning that when you start a job, you get labelled as a hard worker or even an essential part of the company. That way your boss will never get suspicious of your actual productivity and simply bask in your triumphs when you actually pull your finger out and _____ (8) something done.


  1. A. opinion B. respect C. reputation D. standpoint
  2. A. other B. more C. better D. many
  3. A. at B. on C. within D. around
  4. A. stands B. consists C. lies D. works
  5. A. words B. conviction C. way D. method
  6. A. utmost B. maximum C. total D. perfect
  7. A. valid B. acceptable C. justified D. flexible
  8. A. make B. have C. work D. get



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