Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):


Footballer jailed


Last week a famous British footballer, not named for legal reasons, was ____ (1) for 2 years. This is not the first time ____ (2) a player has been in trouble with the law, but what makes it so strange is the reason ____ (3) his arrest. The player was detained ____ (4) the early hours of Sunday morning for apparently acting suspiciously outside a sweet shop. He did not appear to be drunk or anything like that. This footballer had been a member of the national team in last year´s world cup and had reportedly been getting interest from the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. All that we know is that a neighbour had claimed to have seen a man break in through a small window in the shop and ____ (5) a lolly-pop and a big bag of sweets. You ____ (6) be asking yourself, “Aren´t footballers supposed to be wealthy?” Well, this player is supposedly worth more than $40 million! Police are clueless to the ____ (7) of this weird incident and have stated that their only interest is to uphold the law. The player´s only comment to police was that he fancied something sweet and the shop was closed. Maybe he just gets a buzz from crime. He didn´t even try to get away when the police turned up to arrest him. Many fans believe that he has lost his marbles a bit and that he should be let ____ (8).


Choose the best word from the following options:


  1.       A. prison          B. jailed            C. arrested      D. punished
  2.       A. which           B. when           C. why              D. that
  3.       A. about           B. with              C. of                   D. for
  4.       A. for                 B. while                       C. at D. during
  5.       A. thieve          B. have             C. steal             D. mug
  6.       A. must            B. need                       C. have D. probably
  7.       A. reason         B. motive         C. why              D. way
  8.       A. away               B. from C. off                 D. in



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