Welcome to the first preparation course for the Linguaskill exam from Cambridge Exam English:


Exam preparation with Intercambioidiomas:

At Intercambioidiomas, we believe that the best way to improve your English level is through real-life conversations and practicing your language skills in a consistent way. This course provides real exam examples that you should plan and practice with other language learners in the conversation groups (at the end of each lesson). If you want to go over vocabulary and grammar points, they are freely available at the bottom of the page in the English section.


Here you will find useful resources in PDF for the preparation of the first computer-adaptive test from Cambridge.

Course guide (English version): HERE

Vocabulary lists (A2-C1): HERE

Speaking cheat sheet: HERE



Speaking exam format: about 15 minutes

Part 1: Interview.

The candidate needs to answer 8 questions about themselves (the first two are not marked). Part 1 assesses the candidates ability to respond to questions about their life with fluency, familiar vocabulary and accurate grammar.

Part 2: Reading aloud.

The candidate needs to read 8 sentences aloud. Part 2 assesses the candidates pronunciation and intonation.

Part 3: Long turn (1)

The candidate needs to talk about a topic for 1 minute (40 seconds to prepare). Part 3 assesses the candidates ability to give an organised and extended answer using cohesive devices and discourse markers.

Part 4: Long turn (2)

The candidate is given one or more pieces of information (chart, graph or sheet) and talk about it for 1 minute (1 minute to prepare). Part 4 assesses the candidates ability to analyse information and give an organise and extended response to the information provided.

Part 5: Communicative activity.

The candidate gives their opinion in the form of short answers to 5 separate questions related to a topic (1 minute for preparation). Part 5 assesses the candidates ability to give a fluent response to a question on a familiar topic.


Curriculum: Learning Topics

Each learning topic contains high frequency vocabulary and example exams that give the learner a balanced and complete preparation for the exam. Follow the advice and practice with real conversations in the Linguakill group.


Unit 1: People and their lives

Learn language about routines, where people live.


Unit 2: Hobbies and leisure time

Learn about free time and how to express preferences.


Unit 3: Education and learning styles

Learn about education and language learning.


Unit 4: Travel and movement

Learn about travel, transport and how people get around.


Unit 5: Work and employment

Learn about jobs and our working lives.


Unit 6: Money and consumerism

Learn about finance and the way people use and spend money.


Unit 7: Health and wellbeing

Learn about the human body, food and diets.


Unit 8: Technology and communication

Learn about technological advancements and development.


Unit 9: The environment and the natural world

Learn about our planet, nature and the changing environment.


Unit 10: Crime and social issues

Learn about current and past social issues such as crime.


Practice the speaking part of the exam with our 10 mock exams in the recognised Linguaskill group.

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