1. Would you say that stereotypes about teenagers are unfair?
  2. Why do teenagers need more sleep than people of other ages?
  3. What can your teenage years be such a difficult time?
  4. How do the media usually portray teenagers?
  5. How can teenagers find a balance between their studies and their social lives?
  6. Which typical mistakes do parents make when bringing up teenagers?
  7. Where did you usually hang out when you were a teenager?
  8. Did you get on well with your parents as a teenager?
  9. Who was the most influential person in your life when you were a teenager?
  10. Why do teenagers tend to rebel against their parents?
  11. How important are your friends during your teenage years?
  12. Has your character changed a lot since you were a teenager?
  13. Are the teenage years a key point in time for language learning?
  14. What influence have mobile phones had on the way teenagers meet up?
  15. What one event during your teen years do you think helped you be the person you are today?



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