1. Does time wasting annoy you?
  2. Where do you usually go when you want to have some alone time?
  3. What do you normally do when you want to kill some time?
  4. Have you ever run out of time in an exam or when doing an assignment so that you didn´t have time to finish?
  5. Who is your favourite person in the world to spend time with?
  6. Why does learning a language take such a long time?
  7. When was the last time that you had a really good time?
  8. How might you save time in your daily routine?
  9. How can a person easily make time to get some exercise when they have a busy lifestyle?
  10. Do you tend to arrive on time for meetings?
  11. Why is it a good idea to arrive in plenty of time for a job interview?
  12. Have you ever arrived just in time for an important event?
  13. Did you have a great time last time you went out (clubbing)?
  14. Is it about time that you took your FCE (B2) exam?Ç
  15. Have you ever taken an extended time off work? Why?



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