1. What do you normally get for Christmas?
  2. What do you usually do to celebrate Christmas day (25th December)?
  3. Is Christmas a religious festival in your eyes?
  4. Would you say that Christmas was important for you as a child?
  5. Who do you enjoy spending time with at Christmas?
  6. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas eve (24th December)?
  7. What is a typical Christmas dinner in your country?
  8. Do you spend a lot of money at Christmas?
  9. What´s the best thing about Christmas in your view?
  10. What did you do last Christmas?
  11. Have you ever had a bad experience at Christmas?
  12. What do you want to get for Christmas this year as a gift?
  13. Is Christmas very commercialized in your country?
  14. What is your favourite Christmas film?
  15. Do you and your family play board games at Christmas?



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