Ometepe Island


This Nicaraguan island is one of the modern _____ (1) of the natural world. Ometepe Island consists of two volcanoes that _____ (2) up out of Lake Nicaragua, in the Republic of Nicaragua. This unique place has a surface _____ (3) of 276 square kilometres, and it is also a curious place as from a bird’s _____ (4) view the island actually looks like a peanut or the symbol. The island has been inhabited since 2000 BC and has an economy mainly based on agriculture and tourism, and _____ (5) many endangered species of plants and animals; this biodiversity is a great attraction for both tourists and locals alike. The two volcanoes on the island are called Concepción and Maderas. Though they had been _____ (6) for many years they sprung back to life in 1880. Since then they have had recurring eruptions, the most recent being in 2010, in spite of the violent nature of this eruption, very little damage was done, famously in local legend, an Italian´s car was crushed by a _____ (7), but that was all. Regardless of the risks involved, over 60,000 tourists _____ (8) to the island each year, having a great impact on the local economy.


  1. A. questions B. spectacles C. shows D. wonders
  2. A. rise B. jump C. lift D. errupt
  3. A. area B. zone C. space D. shape
  4. A. eye B. perspective C. over D. point
  5. A. shows off B. retains C. boasts D. involves
  6. A. asleep B. unmoved C. calm D. dormant
  7. A. pebble B. boulder C. gem D. grain
  8. A. visit B. flock C. arrive D. reach



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