Celebrity lifestyles


We seem to be forever _____ (1) at them in glossy magazines and following the latest gossip surrounding their personal lives on tragic chat shows, but what is it that attracts us so much to celebrities and the lives they _____ (2)? I for one have always been _____ (3) by the attention that they quite often unwillingly receive.

What _____ (4) our attention about celebrities is their supposedly unique style. I imagine they have some hotshot PR agent on the books to _____ (5) this feat. Celebrities never cease to evolve and I imagine this is what makes their lives so appealing to us. Celebrities are often lone wolves that _____ (6) it alone, they accentuate their key features and _____ (7) eternally to keep their not so desirable side in the shadows. It really is gripping to see how celebrities are perceived in today’s society.

Many people justify their obsession with the rich and famous with simple excuses of admiration or even _____ (8), but I would say it has its base in envy and adulation.


  1. A. checking out B. observing C. gazing D. reviewing
  2. A. pursue B. chase C. lead D. guide
  3. A. stupefied B. frightened C. wondered D. startled
  4. A. snatches B. grabs C. fastens D. appeals
  5. A. succeed B. manage C. strive D. achieve
  6. A. live B. make C. go D. work
  7. A. struggle B. trouble C. force D. grapple
  8. A. dullness B. boredom C. weariness D. unconcern



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