Running a business


By no means is it an easy _____ (1) and if what you are seeking is an easy life, flexible timetable or the opportunity to skive off whenever it _____ (2) your fancy, I would think twice before setting up a business. One cannot afford themselves the _____ (3) of an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude.

On getting into business there are a couple of key issues that a person should _____ (4) to avoid any of the typical headaches that are so frequently the butt of complaints from most business people. The first is to not _____ (5) into partnership. Most people are reluctant to go it alone and look for support from family or friends. This is because they see someone who they already have a tight-knit relationship with as the ideal business partner, but often this does not _____ (6) up to expectations. The second thing is to realise that a business is something that requires a lot of dedication, a successful business never ceases to _____ (7)with market demands and especially at the beginning, if you are not dedicating 1 hours a day to it, it will _____ (8) and eventually fail. The main piece of advice is that you must delegate tasks and not do everything on your own of you are sure to suffer from burn-out.

So, do not be put off by other people’s failures, a business can be a great option, but one must be realistic about their goals and the amount of work involved.


  1. A. way B. feat C. achievement D. method
  2. A. has B. brings C. tickles D. itches
  3. A. thought B. chance C. probability D. reason
  4. A. address B. consult C. wonder D. handle
  5. A. anticipate B. run C. bump D. rush
  6. A. live B. be C. bring D. wind
  7. A. relate B. evolve C. swap D. switch
  8. A. slip B. trip C. fall D. stumble



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