The art of motivation


The science behind motivation is really quite simple and in a sense, self-explanatory. It is all about continued stimulus. If a person is able to _____ (1) achievable short term goals that _____ (2) with the following guidelines, they will stay motivated and encouraged to proceed. 

The importance of understanding the guidelines, _____ (3) mentioned previously is an essential element in the setting of goals. A person needs to take into _____ (4) several factors. The first is time; the goal needs some form of time scale or deadline, if you prefer the term. This way it can be _____ (5) off as complete on the ticklist or not. What this means is that the goals must be measurable. This _____ (6) us to the second point; the goals needs to be tangible in the degree of its completion. Neverending processes are a sure fire way to the loss of motivation. The final point on our little list of tips is enjoyment. If a person does not _____ (7) to get started with the task and actually enjoys what they are doing, they will not have trouble carrying on.

Maybe this is the problem with the young workforce nowadays, millennials are showing an underlying decline in motivation due to several failures in modern society, such as failed _____ (8) techniques,  short-term economic strategies and poor business planning by large corporations.


  1. A. set B. mark C. establish D. create
  2. A. complete B. relate C. comply D. end up
  3. A. instead B. while C. as D. like
  4. A. consideration B. mind C. concession D. anticipation
  5. A. signed B. taken C. marked D. corrected
  6. A. carries B. brings C. moves D. changes
  7. A. cost B. struggle C. fight D. force
  8. A. raising B. bringing up C. growing up D. parenting



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