Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


A new way of dating

It is undoubtedly the case that in this day and age we spend so much time surfing the net. We check our mobile phones over and over, either because we use them to work, or just _____ (1) of the social networks. As a _____ (2) of this, it is not rare to meet new people online in order to find a partner. It may sound a bit crazy, _____ (3) I can tell you it’s fun enough! Internet dating is both entertaining and practical, especially for those who work around the clock as you can chat from almost everywhere. Never before has it been so easy to talk to_____ (4)! If you are eager to meet someone who you share experiences with, you can find thousands of Apps that are suitable for this purpose. Also, most of _____ (5) offer the possibility of matching you to people with similar personalities and interests. However, not until you hang out with them do you know if you really feel attracted to them or not. Apart from these disappointing dates, you should keep in mind the dangers of such Apps. _____ (6) are online criminals who just want to steal money or cause damage and that’s probably the main issue of meeting people online. I would highly recommend _____ (7) sending personal information or pictures to anyone unless you make sure he’s reliable. Getting together in a public/crowded place is a secure option as well, at _____ (8) at the beginning. Speaking personally, I’m certain that Internet dating can be so exciting, as long as you are aware of who is behind the screen.



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