Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Communication is much easier today than it was for people 100 years ago. Don´t you agree?


Communication is the action of sharing some information among people and even _____ (1) animals. From time to time, it has changed greatly. What this essay proposes is to describe how communication has changed and if it is easier now _____ (2) it was years ago. Firstly, technology has been crucial to communicate with people _____ (3) the world. For example, travelling to other countries to visit relatives was expensive and a strenuous task, so using a telephone, not only was a great technological innovation to be in touch _____ (4) your friends and family, but also was a convenient tool. Telephones were the fastest way to speak to someone and above all, it was quite expensive, so only a _____ (5) people were able to make these kinds of calls and even purchase a telephone. _____ (6) present, when going to a café or restaurant and checking out what those around you are up to, it is strange to see people talking to each other. Why? Smartphones are the main focal point. The population is not aware of the importance of communicating face to face, like people of the past _____ (7) to do. Children are imitating their parents and later, they will not develop the necessary skills in order to deal with challenging situations. Thus, communication is much easier nowadays, however, there is no _____ (8) in having a lot of resources and uses them inappropriately.



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