Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Stress; the silent killer


Health experts seem to _____ (1) an endless list of factors that can contribute to the decline in a person’s health, but one that seems to escape their mention is stress. We are led _____ (2) believe that to suffer from stress or pressure at work _____ (3) endless deadlines is a normal part of everyday life, but is this really a necessary part of an established society? Stress is probably the single biggest killer known to man in recent years and the figures back it _____ (4) with an increased rate of suicides, heart attacks and also accidents at work.

Changing work habits and financial issues have contributed to an increase in stress _____ (5) in this day and age. These long working hours and other detrimental aspects on health do not mix well at all, and must _____ (6) be tackled by health professionals. Stress causes people to take up unhealthy habits such as smoking, illegal stimulants or alcoholism. These choices combined with bad eating habits and _____ (7) of sleep can have fatal consequences. The only obvious solution would be to impose controls on private businesses or even invest in some sore of educational media campaign to promote healthier lifestyles. The findings of some recent studies are extremely concerning and obviously some type of government intervention should be taken in _____ (8) to ensure a better and brighter future for the working population.



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