Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Why is learning English in Spain so important nowadays?


_____ (1) before have people been so keen on learning a second language. Being English the most spoken one around the world it is without _____ (2) the language Spanish people chose to learn these days. But is it really necessary for Spaniards to learn another language? It is known that people are travelling more and more. Places which were difficult to visit in the past are becoming accessible _____ (3) to the development of the Internet. Travellers are therefore required to speak English in order to be safe and enjoy their travelling experience. In _____ (4), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job without being able to speak a second language. Companies based on different countries are constantly working together and people are being asked to be capable of communicating not only in Spanish but in other languages such as English too. It could be argued that there is no _____ (5) in learning a third language being Spanish and English two of the most spoken languages around the world. While some people may not be keen _____ (6) doing so, it is important to remember that learning a new language allows us to value and understand different cultures. It is therefore vital that governments encourage people to study _____ (7) languages by offering grants and advertising the benefits of doing so. To sum up, learning more _____ (8) one language, especially English is vital nowadays in order to be productive, travel abroad and expand one’s knowledge.



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