Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


How can we improve social coexistence in large cities?


It is undoubtedly the case that we live in an age where there is a lack _____ (1) urban security, mainly in the most populated cities. Nevertheless, the situation could change. The aim of this essay is to discuss _____ (2) activities would work best to take control of this condition. _____ (3) of all, it is widely believed that education plays an essential role in social behaviour. In addition, it cannot be denied that those students who are aggressive will probably demonstrate anti-social behaviour in adulthood. On account of this, investing in some educational programmes at high schools could be a good way to prevent illegal acts _____ (4) as vandalism or robbing from occurring in the future. For example, problematic students could be involved in activities such as collecting food in poor people’s campaigns or spending time with lonely elderly people. By doing this, they will _____ (5) used to helping others instead of harming them. Secondly, the government should take advantage of the media’s influence in order to minimise delinquency. Advertisements on television and radio interviews showing some situations and the punishments that consequence _____ (6) committing them may increase civil awareness. This action may be useful not only for younger citizens, but also for adults. Taking all of this _____ (7) account, it is clear that if measures against anti-social behaviour are taken, it will have a positive social impact. What we need to do is build a kind and helpful society as soon _____ (8) possible. We must focus on high school activities, without forgetting that advertisements could help as well.



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