Fill in the gaps with one word. More than one option might be possible.


Winning arguments


It is widely believed that when conflict is involved, there is never really a winner. One of the parties will always come off being offended or it could all _____ (1) into an endless disagreement. But when arguing with someone, especially when you know you are _____ (2) about something, one should bear in mind a few key tactics. The first thing is that facts do not convince, how many times have we _____ (3) the same mindless old-wives tales repeated, “cold weather makes you ill” is one of my pet hates. There is an element of persuasion known _____ (4) in-group bias that can be a key factor in gaining the upper hand in an argument. This means that we generally only take into account a person’s viewpoint if we believe them to be similar to us. This is why it can be a good idea to try to relate _____ (5) your opponent, instead of pointing out your differences. The second thing is to keep your temper and not lose control. Having a _____ (6) of self control and recurring to anger, shouting or even violence will not help your standing in an argument. One must be patient and logical in the face of adversity. Finally, try to stay on point and not _____ (7) your adversary to change the topic suddenly, it is very easy to go off topic and realise that you are arguing about something completely different from the original point. So, if you take these points _____ (8) account, maybe next time no one will come out offended and an argument can also become something almost enjoyable whenever it follows a logical path.



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