Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


What is Fake News?


Donald Trump claims to have come up with the term, though there is no way that can be true, the question is, what exactly is Fake news? Why is it _____ (1) apparent that false information seems to travel at light speed _____ (2) the truth meanders along like an old steam boat. Mark Twain once stated, “A lie can travel halfway _____ (3) the world, while the truth is still doing up its shoes”. This statement came about on _____ (4) of the way that inaccuracies in information seem to spread far quicker than factual information. This is _____ (5) to the time needed to check the validity of information. This has cause a phenomenon known as ´Circular Reporting´, in which false reports are passed on from one entity to _____ (6) as they are backed up through multiple publications or through the quoting of satirical articles _____ (7) if they were serious. The internet has completely transformed the way we communicate and _____ (8) before have people wanted so much information so fast. This demand for information has limited the time available to research sources of information and therefore these time restraints make it almost impossible for reporters to know with certainty if what they are printing is true or not.



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