General English: Beginner A1/2

Beginner: Basic English A1: Learn the basics, you will learn how to start communicating A2: The next step is to start forming your own phrases and understanding language   This course includes:  ⊕ 40 high quality lessons ⊕ Learn about 1000 words (DOWNLOAD) ⊕ Video explanations ⊕ Dialogues ⊕ Video conferences ⊕ Teacher support ⊕ Hundreds […]

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Oxford Test of English

Prepare for the Oxford Test of English speaking exam from Oxford University Press with our informative and user friendly courses. The courses are aimed at preparing for the speaking exam with real exam examples. Our Start method is aimed at helping language learners to increase their language level through the learning of new vocabulary in […]

12 month access  |  €9.99