Extreme weather patterns


_____ (1) of our traditional views on weather patterns and how each season should give us either warm or cool weather, there seems to have been a drastic rise in extreme weather over recent years. Climate experts are _____ (2) all the panic buttons and _____ (3) out how reckless human activity has had such a huge impact on our environment that we may all be about to see further ______ (4) in weather patterns. As of _____ (5), most of these chaotic predictions are purely that, predictions. We are not completely sure of our exact influence on the planet or if it is all part of a natural cycle. Though many of you would disagree, there are, in fact, other more _____ (6) issues regarding the environment that we should _____ (7). I for one am extremely concerned about our lack of coherence in strategies to deal with plastic waste in our oceans and would say that short term policies by weak governments are actually causing more harm than good. One can do nothing but speculate on the future and if these trends of extreme weather will continue and _____ (8) in the downfall of humanity, or perhaps we are all wrong and it will just blow over and be forgotten like any other scandal.


  1. A. Regardless B. Despite C. Nevertheless D. Nonetheless
  2. A. pressing B. sounding C. hitting D. slamming
  3. A. indicating B. showing C. pointing D. selecting
  4. A. moves B. shifts C. swaps D. impacts
  5. A. yet B. still C. already D. now
  6. A. pushing B. constricting C. pressuring D. pressing
  7. A. address B. deal C. cope D. manage
  8. A. stem B. produce C. result D. finish



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