Prepare for the Trinity ISE III speaking exam from Trinity College London with our informative and user friendly courses. The courses are aimed at preparing for the speaking exam with real exam examples. Our Start method is aimed at helping language learners to increase their language level through the learning of new vocabulary in context and applying it to real conversations.

The lessons are designed to last 10-15 minutes so that you can study consistently. Each exercise will be broken down with suggestions of vocabulary, grammar structures and general exam advice.


This course includes: 

⊕ 40 lessons

⊕ Video explanations

⊕ Dialogues

⊕ Video conferences

⊕ Teacher support

⊕ Hundreds of practice questions

⊕ 12 months of 24/7 access to the course material


Course information:

Are you preparing for an official language exam? Are you struggling to find new material? Are you looking for extra practice?

We have exactly what you are looking for! If you want to practice the speaking part of an official exam from Cambridge Exam English, Oxford, Trinity or the EOI, you are in the right place. Our innovative language learning community allows you to have countless speaking classes for free. Our structured material will give you the context to have real conversations and prepare for an exam situation in a collaborative way.

Our courses are content heavy mini-lessons that last 10-15 minutes. The focus is on speaking and improving your level with conversations with real people. Each lesson is a step by step guide to increase your language skills in an amusing and entertaining way, and did we mention? THE SPEAKING LESSONS ARE FREE!

The courses contain hundreds of speaking questions so you can make quick and steady progress, you will never find yourself with nothing to talk about.

Join our language learning groups to meet many other language learners with similar goals to your own, whether they are to learn for fun or prepare for an exam, Intercambioidiomas has it all!

You also have the chance to speak to native speakers in our tandem groups. What more could you ask for?


Why choose

Our course is an innovative way to prepare for the speaking part of the Trinity exam and offers step by step advice to improve each part of the exam and also a platform with which to do so. There is a clear lack of useful preparation material for the Trinity exams and what is available, tends to be repetitive and rigid. We offer hundreds of examples and questions to practice in your language learning groups.

Each part of the exam is broken down into bite-size chunks with example phrases and advice on how to organise your answers that will give you a clear idea of what the examiner is looking for.

Try our course and make constant progress at a price that everyone can afford; we will also be constantly adding new milestones with resources and practice questions so that you always have new material to work with.


How the course works:

This course has been designed by teachers and language experts to help you learn a foreign language with ease.

The format of the course is easy to follow. You need to follow and complete the milestones, focusing on the individual vocabulary and grammar points in different contexts. As you have seen from our start method (main menu), we believe in a communicative approach to language learning and the best way to learn language is through real-life conversations. You should review the example sentences in the units, then apply the phrasal verbs to the start method. After, you need to listen to the example audios and then use the practice questions in the course conversation groups to have a real conversation.

The key is to practice every day and this way you will master the language in no time!

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