In this part of the exam you have six sentences to complete. You need to read the first sentence in each question. From this you need to look at the second sentence and think about what information is missing. You must then complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first with 2-5 words (NO MORE). Another thing to understand is that you are provided with a word that you must use in exactly the same form (if it is TOLD, you cannot use tell, telling or any variation of the word. ONLY TOLD). Each of the questions is worth 2 points and the points are based on lexical (vocabulary) or structural (grammatical) points. What they assess in this part of the exam are as follows:

Lexical: phrasal verbs, word patterns, fixed expressions, contextual vocabulary etc.

Structural: passive, relative clauses, reported speech, quantifiers, connectors, tense changes, gerund versus infinitive, modal verbs, inversions (rarely), conditionals etc.


You are prohibited from reselling the tickets under any circumstances.


Reselling the tickets is banned at any rate.


Under no circumstances can you miss the deadline.


The deadline cannot be missed under any circumstances.


You seem to have picked up Spanish at an incredible rate.


It looks like you have taken advantage of your chance to learn Spanish.


You need to use every opportunity you can to practise your English in order to progress.


You have to practise frequently to learn well.


It really doesn’t matter to me where we stay, so long as we are comfortable.


I really don’t mind where we stay providing we are comfortable.


Were you able to understand people when they spoke English as a child?


Did you know how to understand English people when you were a child?

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