Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):

Free time 


Over the last few decades we have seen a huge rise in the ___ (1) of the importance of leisure time activities for each and every person in the development of all young people´s health and personalities. People are so focussed on using their free time well because there is an increased and growing recognition ___ (2) the vital contribution that a person´s spare time can make for young people in terms of improving social inclusion, access ___ (3) life´s many opportunities and overall development of self worth. There are many terms ___ (4) as «leisure», «informal learning» and «play» imply a lack ___ (5) purpose and practice that does not give importance to the way in which the majority of young people use their free time. These concerns have been enhanced with the emergence of modern technology and the distractions that it can cause. In your free time there are numerous activities and hobbies in ___ (6) you can take part in to ensure productivity. For this reason it is essential that you do what you like most. By choosing the type of activity than you are most keen on, you will take full advantage of your time to participate in it. For example, I am ___ (7) of running, hiking, reading and riding ___ (8) bike, these different activities help me to relax and also contribute to the making of who I am. But I can’t stand listening to pop music or cleaning my house. I don’t mind climbing rock or having the nap but I do not enjoy this activities as much as others peoples. Everybody is different and enjoys doing different things. That is best thing about free time, it is your choice what you do and you can spend your time as you like doing exactly what you want.


  1.   A. aware               B. awareness   C. conscience D. pending
  2.   A. about           B. for                 C. on                  D. of
  3.   A. on                 B. of                   C. to                   D. at
  4.   A. such                 B. like C. for                 D. similar
  5.   A. of            B. in             C. into               D. on
  6.   A. who              B. whom          C. which           D. that
  7.   A. would like  B. fond                       C. enjoy D. keen
  8.   A. his                 B. my           C. your              D. their



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