In spite of it being a _____ (1) catholic country, Spain actually has the highest divorce _____ (2) in Europe. Surprised? Well, when you take a look at the social and economic factors, it is not all that weird. Throughout the Franco _____ (3), divorce was almost impossible; this resulted in what is known as ´A Spanish Divorce´, in which couple _____ (4) married, but resided in different places, often with new _____ (5). Since the ´Express Divorce Law´ passed in 2005, Spaniards have put into effect this new found freedom. What is more, people need to consider the economical _____ (6). Since we have just gone through a dire financial recession, many couples have _____ (7) greatly to make ends meet and this of course has caused friction and many have not had the endurance to withstand such a tough task. That combined with the carelessness of some young people on deciding to get married, the eagerness of youngsters to fly the _____ (8) and the influence of sexual liberation, more than 3 in every 4 marriages in Spain end up in divorce. This is an outstanding and quite frankly concerning figure that needs to be significantly lowered.


  1. A. extremely B. main C. majority D. major
  2. A. amount B. quantity C. level D. rate 
  3. A. age B. dictatorship C. regime D. time
  4. A. kept B. remained C. continued D. lived
  5. A. concubines B. partnerships C. relations D. mates
  6. A. problems B. considerations C. factors D. issues
  7. A. struggled B. troubled C. competed D. issued
  8. A. house B. home C. den D. nest



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