Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


What are the positive factors that come out due to mass migration?


Mass migration is happening nowadays amongst people from Arabic countries especially from Syria. It is _____ (1) actual and controversial problem as people have different opinions about it. Although it can have some problems _____ (2) sure, as I see it, it has a lot of benefits to name, like for example a multicultural environment, which implies different languages. It can _____ (3) carry an extension of customs, traditions, recipes, clothes, etc. The main advantage I can see from all of this is the variety of languages that can be in the same place. It would _____ (4) be hard for the people at the beginning, but in the long term, for the following generations they would have a great knowledge of languages and that is a clear benefit _____ (5) this process, as it is translated into a higher level of education which is related to research and development of the country, so for the economy as _____ (6). Then, at the same time that people are integrating into society, they will do the same with their typical traditions and food. The culinary influence can lead _____ (7) an extended variety and mixture of dishes, which is an obvious advantage too. To conclude, mass migration can be a beneficial process for _____ (8) reasons, but as a general idea, it can make a society richer in all senses and the people more open-minded.



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