Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Studying languages


To kick off _____ (1) topic, it is essential to take into account that learning a foreign language is a wonderful and challenging experience. Throughout history people have been interested in studying languages considering this almost vital for their existence. Obviously, the process takes time and dedication, but only people _____ (2) put in the long hours of learning one will benefit. It is beyond _____ (3) that nowadays speaking one or more languages is necessary both for employment and communication. Those who speak only one language are at a distinct disadvantage. It is said that English is the global language, used in almost all the areas of life, not just in business as it is so often stated. Generally, business people do _____ (4) bother to learn any other languages because if their partners cannot speak English, interpreters can be used. Obviously, the lack of foreign language knowledge puts these English speakers, who are not interested _____ (5) this aspect, at a disadvantage. What must be mentioned _____ (6) that there are many reasons to study languages like: travelling, communication, work, or knowing other cultures. The best thing to do it is to live where that language is spoken or to start studying since childhood becoming bilingual. To speed _____ (7) the learning process, people can read many books in the language that want to learn, enrolling on different forums, watching films or listening to music in that language. Last but not the least, advertising, travelling schemes or educational government programs could help to encourage people to undergo the lengthy process of learning another language _____ (8) capturing the public´s attention. People become more interested in languages and aware their importance when they are informed.



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