Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

This activity is a test of the candidate’s knowledge of vocabulary and collocations. It can seem more challenging than on first look as it involves understanding the context as well as individual words. In this part of the exam there are 8 gaps in the text. You need to choose the best option of A-D. This is mainly a vocabulary based exercise; based on word patterns, phrasal verbs and fixed expressions. But there is an element of grammar with the use of relative pronouns, quantifiers and cohesive devices being important.




First read the text without looking at the options and try to predict the answer. Then, look at the options and decide which have the same meaning. There can only be one correct answer although the words have a similar meaning.


Look at the 4 options and decide which have a similar meaning. Then, focus on the words before and after the gaps and try to recognize the word patterns and collocations.


Read. If you read in general, this part of the exam becomes much easier. See our tips on how to read effectively.

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