How much does it cost to create a profile?

It is totally free and really easy to do. Conversations are free and you will be placed in groups with people learning the same language as you so that you can support each other and learn together. You also have the option to join Tandem groups and speak to natives. There are in App courses that a charged with micropayments, but they are optional and for the people who wish to add some more structure to their learning. Feel free to use our free resources that are available in PDF at the bottom of the page.

How do you create a profile?

It is really simple, click on the sign up button and add your personal details. We only collect the necessary details to put you into the correct learning groups and so that your profile is secure. Only share the information that you want to.

Can I delete my personal information if I want to?

Yes, of course you can. Intercambioidiomasonline is committed to data protection according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect May 25, 2018 across the European Union. You are the owner of your information and can therefore withdraw your personal details on deleting your profile and the company will keep no record of your personal details.

How can I meet a language learning partner?

Good question. You will automatically be placed into study groups with people learning the same language as you. The common language in these groups is the target language so message each other in that language only please. You also have the opportunity to sign up to the open tandem groups to speak to natives in exchange for your own language.

How often should I study?

We have included streaks in your profile so that you can monitor your own progress and show other learners that you are active. We recommend using our App for 15-30 minutes a day to study consistently, but this depends on your availability.

How do I know what level I should choose?

We offer a level check in each language, but this is just a general grammar and vocabulary check. The best thing is to test your level in a real conversation with one of our free language groups.

How can I ask for help from a teacher?

Send an email to our tutors in the contact section and they will respond to you with useful language learning advice and they will also show you which are the best resources to improve your level.

What will I learn from the courses?

The courses are focused on the student and designed to be affordable for everyone. There are general language courses and also exam preparation. Choose what best suits your language learning goals and begin. You will receive extra speaking advice, vocabulary and grammar points, example answers as well as questions to practice in real conversation. All classes are designed to last 15-30 minutes in bitesize chunks.

Will you send me physical material?

All of our courses are designed to be carried out 100% online and the material is downloadable in PDF.

How long does the course subscription last for?

Course subscriptions last for one year and you can choose to continue by re-subscribing to the course or not. The courses are designed to be completed in around a month give or take and have an abundance of practice material.

What is the best way to learn a language?

The key to learning a language is to do it consistently and collaboratively. Do not try to do it alone, work with other language learners to share experiences and practice daily. Intercambioidiomas has its own tried and tested method called START and offers time saving advice to ensure that you learn effectively.

How can I improve my pronunciation?

We truly believe that the only way to improve your pronunciation is to practice in real conversations, preferably with native speakers. Pronunciation is a physical process so you need to train yourself to create the sounds necessary to pronounce correctly.

Should I study grammar as well as speaking?

The best way to learn a language is with a balanced approach. Grammar are the rules that govern a language and it is useful to understand them in a practical way that allows you to create your own phrases.

Why choose Intercambioidiomas over other learning platforms?

Our platform and method has been created by language learners and linguists and is designed to be useful for the learner. All of our content is easy to use and understand, and also it has been created so that you can learn with a communicative approach. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the cost of the courses, the prices start at just €1 and are much more economical than many other alternatives. We want everyone to be able to afford to learn the language of their choice.

Who created the platform?

As we have mentioned earlier, the course has been created by polyglots. It started as a language learning blog a few years ago and has developed into what you can see today. All of the content producers speak at least one foreign language fluently and are keen to share their expertise with our clients.

Where can I sign up for official exams?

If your language learning goal is to prepare for an official exam, our site provides a vast number of preparation courses so that you can do that. We will happily assist those who have doubts about the exam or want to know how to sign up for one. We will encourage our clients to certify their language level if it is in accordance to their language learning goal.

How do I cancel my profile?

Cancelling your account is easy. Simply go to the setting on your profile and select, delete account.

How do I report inappropriate behaviour?

If any of the users fail to comply with the terms and conditions of use, their account shall be deleted permanently. If you happen to witness anything suspicious, report it to the administration of the course and the matter shall be investigated.