Fill in the gaps with the correct option (A-D):




In almost every neighbourhood that one can think of, you can find people _____ (1) to shrubs and bushes in their own private gardens. Gardening is highly popular all over the world and people seem to find some kind of inner peace through the _____ (2) of plants and flowers. Many gardeners have various strategies of _____ (3) that their plants remain healthy that may _____ (4) as a surprise to those of you out there without green fingers. For instance, it is common to come _____ (5) gardeners talking or even playing music to their plants in the hope that this will somehow benefit their development. Whereas this might seem like some people have lost their marbles or simply be _____ (6) need a few more years of schooling, there is a vast amount of scientific evidence that actually backs up this practice. Many plants are said to make clicking sounds with their roots that shows that they could be able to communicate with each other to _____ (7) vital information about growing conditions or even water supplies. While this remains to be confirmed, it is, without a _____ (8), an interesting piece to knowledge.


  1. A. attending B. tending C. caring D. helping
  2. A. taking care B. looking C. caring D. minding
  3. A. making B. helping C. trying D. ensuring
  4. A. arrive B. come C. be D. take
  5. A. across B. around C. to D. over
  6. A. of B. in C. at D. under
  7. A. communicate B. transmit C. give D. share
  8. A. thought B. dare C. doubt D. problem



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