1. Will technology make big changes to our lives?
  2. Which types of jobs might become automated and therefore obsolete?
  3. Will any new types of jobs be created?
  4. What can we do to prepare ourselves for the technological future?
  5. Which skills will be essential in the future to be able to find a job in the coming years?
  6. Are you worried about losing your job because of technology?
  7. What are the upsides and downsides of having so much technology in our lives?
  8. Do you think that most people are aware of the capabilities of technology?
  9. How might technology impact on modern medicine?
  10. How will technology change the way teachers work?
  11. Will humans´ lives be enhanced by technology?
  12. Will our lives be made easier?
  13. What impacts could technological improvements have on our health?
  14. Should we encourage children and teenagers to use technology?
  15. How might technology change the way we learn foreign languages?



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