Teaching Online


The teaching and learning of languages has been _____ (1) in recent years thanks to the internet. Some might say that the _____ (2) of teaching may not be what it once was but i would argue that the benefits outway the disadvantages. This is an opinion _____ (3) by many such as omniglot.com and english.com. The internet offers us a vast amount of resources that were once often difficult to get _____ (4) of or very expensive. I would argue that for this reason it is almost impossible to be involved in the teaching and learning of languages without working online in some _____ (5) or form.

To learn a language, the student is required to be _____ (6) and varied in their methods. The days of grammar book _____ (7) learning are long gone and the internet gives teachers and students the perfect opportunity to practice language, discuss their doubts and even find like-minded people with whom they can practice speaking. It could be called ´the classroom without walls, but what it has done is opened the lid of time _____ (8). We can now study languages 24/7 and this enables those with tight schedules to get into language learning. We can study where we want, when we want and even use our telephones to do so.


  1. A. revolutionised B. altered C. changed D. adapted
  2. A. amount B. quality C. quantity D. qualify
  3. A. responded B. echoed C. answered D. resaid
  4. A. hold B. access C. hand D. permission
  5. A. shape B. way C. method D. size
  6. A. constant B. consistent C. ordered D. classical
  7. A. organised B. based C. controlled D. made
  8. A. restraints B. limits C. deadlines D. controls



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