Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Which kind of facilities are needed most in your area?


With the writing of this essay, what I would like to achieve is to discuss the facilities that are of _____ (1) utmost importance in our society and that may be needed most in my area. Despite there _____ (2) multiple choices, I have decided to debate two of them that from my point of view are essential in my area. To begin with, I would like to talk _____ (3) car parks because this is known to be a huge issue in my area. Owing to the fact that the city council has removed parking spaces in place of new constructions, there are _____ (4) enough car parks in my area nowadays. Given that many people live in my neighbourhood, I reckon that the city council must take _____ (5) account this problem and offer a quick solution to the citizens by supplying them with alternative car parking options such as special prices in nearby parking areas,  or _____ (6) new facilities in that district. Secondly, I would like to discuss the necessity of a new history museum in my area. As _____ (7) as I am concerned, a history museum can be a good resource for schools to help to educate the students. Given the fact that there is a primary school in my neighbourhood, I reckon that the opening of a new history museum could bring history closer to younger students, making them aware of the rich culture that is there to be discovered. Offering them an alternative _____ (8) history books and even being able to get them into history in general. To sum up, car parks are the most essential facility in my area due to the fact that the residents need a space where they can park their vehicles, but the issue of a museum is also in need of reflection.



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