Speaking exam:

The speaking exam for the EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) consists of two parts. The first is a monologue in which you must speak alone about a topic. In the exam, you will have two topics to choose from and some time to prepare (usually 1-2 minutes) and the second part is an interaction with a partner.


General advice:

  • Use clear pronunication
  • Maintain your grammatical errors to a minimum
  • Organised your answer clearly
  • Use relevant vocabulary for the level
  • Give clear points and reasons why you have included them
  • Do not repeat too much
  • Learn fixed phrases
  • Use connectors and discourse markers to structure your answer


Read the topic and speak alone for 3-3:30, you can add your own ideas. Preparation time 2 minutes.


Crime, law and politics

  • Is there a lot of crime where you live?
  • How can normal people help to prevent crime?
  • What is the most serious crime that a person can commit?
  • Would you ever turn a blind eye if you saw a crime?

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