Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


Can technology really aid the learning of a foreign language?


We are living in a digital world, the _____ (1) in which the computer rules has arrived. People are spending more and more time connected _____ (2) the internet and more importantly, seeking to use it to aid the language learning process. Computers are a huge market for the development of language learning Apps, _____ (3) as Intercambioidiomasonline, Babbel and Magiclingua; but what is _____ (4), the market is opening up for the use of mobile phones to acquire language skills as let´s face it, we all have one and spend a lot of time using them. People _____ (5) not tend to leave the house without them and they are usually the first thing one would consult if they had a _____ (6) about anything in day to day life, from directions to looking up unknown information. Because of this, the investment in the development of Apps has gone through the roof in recent years. While a mobile phone App is not _____ (7) to reach full fluency in a language, it is a good stepping stone to get a base level. Students should seek the famous quartet study book, tutor, technological assistance and a study partner. So _____ (8) can be seen, the importance of technology in the language learning market is increasing, the CIA has been using Rosetta Stone for years and Michel Thomas has great success amongst Hollywood´s finest with his audio sets. Technology is the future of language learning, but I think teachers needn´t worry, their jobs are safe for now as the importance of interaction and follow-up on learning are essential.



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