Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


How to take advantage of your spare time

I´m into a bit of everything really; cinema, reading sport. All of that as well as learning languages of course. How do you spend your spare time? In my case I know that I like to be productive. I cannot unwind ____ (1) a hard week at at the office by sitting around on my backside doing nothing, it makes me go crazy. What I most like to do is spend time with my children. I have two amazing sons names Alex and Jacob. They are great company and they always cheer me up. This aside, I am a massive fan ____ (2) doing sport. I regularly ____ (3) jogging and have a work-out at the gym. I think it is very important to have a healthy body and mind, this way I can recuperate from work and feel energised. Another essential part of my down time is reading. I love to read, I would say ____ (4) this is what I value above ____ (5) as it helps me to reflect on my life. What I really cannot stand is spending all of my free time watching TV or wasting my time in shops. I really cannot understand how somebody ____ (6) want to spend their personal time trudging around shops, looking ____ (7) things they don´t need and spending their hard earned dosh on unnecessary stuff. My free time is very valuable to me as I have so little of it. Therefore I refuse to waste it on unnecessary actions when I ____ (8) be doing something far more productive or enriching, such as raising my children or learning something new.



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