Which language do you want to learn?

Do you ever feel frustrated because your speaking level isn´t improving? Are you sick of spending too much money on language classes? Are you looking for a language exchange?

Intercambioidiomas is the solution to your language learning troubles! We believe in a communicative approach to language learning and are insistent that the only way to improve your spoken level is through REAL CONVERSATIONS. Our powerful language learning method will give you the tools to become fluent in the foreign language of your choice and also work on those tricky listening skills. Our courses are for both general language learning and exam preparation. Choose your language learning goal by signing up to one of our courses to reach fluency in the language of your choice and prepare for the language exam of your choice.

  • Cambridge Exam English
  • Trinity
  • British Council: APTIS
  • Oxford Test of English
  • Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI)
  • Goethe-Institut
  • DELE Cervantes

Here at intercambioidiomasonline we believe in a communicative approach to language learning with simplified grammar that can be internalized and enables our students to build their own sentences in order to use language in a flexible way. Our mission is to focus on the human element of language learning and use technology to bring the gap between computer based learning and social interaction. Our site brings people together to enhance language skills. On our platform you will be able to meet people with similar language learning goals and also speak to native speakers that can help you with your doubts.

Our courses (available in English, German, Spanish and French) are based on prioritizing language so that learners will have a clear plan they can follow in a consistent way to learn a foreign language until they reach their language learning goals. With our method START learners have a step by step approach that can be adapted to any language.

Our innovative vocabulary learning approach called Super Sentences will give our learners the tools to take responsibility for their own learning and also give them the strategies that they need to learn at their own pace, in a way that will help their language skills progress with ease.

Our expert content producers are qualified language teachers with a great amount of teaching experience online. We know how to learn a foreign language from scratch because we ourselves have done it! We will help you step by step to improve your language use in a communicative and flexible way, and you can also use our resources for FREE (at the bottom of the page)!

Our courses are content heavy mini-lessons that last 10-15 minutes. The focus is on speaking and improving your level with conversations with real people. Each lesson is a step by step guide to increase your language skills in an amusing and entertaining way, and did we mention? THE SPEAKING LESSONS ARE FREE!

The courses contain hundreds of speaking questions so you can make quick and steady progress, you will never find yourself with nothing to talk about.

Join our language learning groups to meet many other language learners with similar goals to your own, whether they are to learn for fun or prepare for an exam, Intercambioidiomas has it all!

You also have the chance to speak to native speakers in our tandem groups. What more could you ask for?

Learning a language is easy…

Review the lesson. Practice with a real conversation in the speaking group. A real conversation is free and just a click away!

  • Learn from home!
  • Advance quickly!
  • Have a clear plan!
  • Get support!
  • Use language effectively!
  • Enjoy your language learning!
  • Prepare for exams!
  • Speak with confidence!
  • A1: Learn the basics, you will learn how to start communicating
  • A2: The next step is to start forming your own phrases and understanding language
  • B1: Learn to express yourself and use language in a flexible way
  • B2: Now we are making progress! Using varying structures and get into detail
  • C1: Advancing nicely! An advanced level course will help you perfect your language use
  • C2: Master class. Perfect your language skills in a flexible way with unfamiliar topics

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