Intercambio Idiomas started in 2016 as an online resource for teachers and students of English to provide useful exam advice and examples free of charge. It was founded by Marc Huckle in Spain.

It has since evolved into a vibrant online community with thousands of members that share the teaching and learning experiences.

In 2017, the principal writer on the site, Marc Huckle, elaborated specially designed courses for a Partner platform APPF.ES for Spanish speakers to provide full courses for the preparation of Cambridge Examinations.

In 2018, we added 3 new languages to the site to enable language learners to exchange their knowledge of languages in English, French, german and Spanish.

In 2019, we invested heavily in our platform to create personal profiles with video chat and interactive courses so that users can interact and prepare for official examinations.

Intercambioidiomas is a language learning community that aims to encourage social interaction so that language learners can improve their communication skills in their target language.

Our platform offers you the chance to speak to other language learners and native speakers to master the language of your choice with real conversations. We provide an abundance of resources that will give you things to talk about and ensure that you stay motivated throughout your language learning journey. Join the 1000s of language learners already taking advantage of this unique and innovative site.

This language app has been designed by teachers and polyglots. It focuses on the human element of language learning by bringing language enthusiasts together. We are of the opinion that the only viable way to truly master a language is through contact with other language learners. Our app is a social network for language learners and language teachers. Learners will be able to choose if they wish to learn with a tandem partner or another language learner. Learners will have their own profiles in which they can add contacts that have been specifically suggested to them through our filters and begin the learning process. Within the courses you have milestones that will need to be accomplished to reach full fluency. All of our material is accessible on the learner profiles and learners will be able to review the questions before having a real conversation with language learning partners and improve your language skills in an organised way.

Our methodology is dedicated to prioritizing language so that learners do not waste time with unnecessary content and use specifically what they need to know, when they need to know it. Most of the language we use daily is simple and therefore it is important to be able to use simple language without thinking. To be able to do this we must speak to other human beings, not just a machine. Our innovative approach to language learning will enable you to communicate from day one by giving you useful phrases and prioritizing language into what is necessary at the time of speaking. It is essential to have a clear process of how to learn basic language, in a structured and repetitive way. LEARN NEW WORDS AS PHRASES AND NOT RANDOM WORDS. You ought to read through the phrases and then use the key vocabulary and grammar points to make your own simple phrases.