This is a fantastic warm up speaking activity for English learners to practice topics, monologues and comparing images. It is similar to these simple activities HERE


This activity is as simple as pie (really simple), you need to take the images one by one and compare the two different places using comparatives and connectors of contrast.

Try to speak for one minute about the images by comparing them.

The first picture is of a beach, but the second picture os of a castle. The beach looks very clean whereas the castle seems dirty. I think the castle is dirtier than the beach. The beach looks like it has nice weather. I think the beach is warmer than the castle. The castle is old, but I don’t know if the castle is as old as the beach. Both places seem very nice but I think the beach is more beautiful than the castle.



Now try another example with these images

Now try another example with these images

For more speaking activities, follow the link: SPEAKING ACTIVITIES

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