We would like to offer you the opportunity to practice the use of articles A, AN, THE, –.

While this grammar seems simple, there are still many people who make these simple mistakes:

I like the sports. This should use a zero article as it refers to sports in general, for instance: I like sports.

I went to the cinema the last weekend. We say last weekend and not the last weekend because there is only one possible last weekend.


Study the examples for more information in the button below.



Fill in the gaps with the correct article. Ask and answer the questions.


  1. Did you go to ____ music concert ____ last month?
  2. Do you usually sing ____ songs when you are alone at ____ home?
  3. Do you know ____ anyone who listens to ____ music all ____ time?
  4. Why do ____ people enjoy ____ music so much?
  5. What is ____ best song you have ever heard?
  6. Which ____ band would you ____ most like to see and why?
  7. When was ____ last time you went to ____ music concert?
  8. Are you interested in ____ music?
  9. What is ____ best genre of ____ music to exercise with?
  10. What is ____ best type of music to listen to whilst you are studying?
  11. What makes ____ song really popular?
  12. Who is ____ most popular musician in your country?
  13. What is ____ most popular genre of music among people in your age group?
  14. When are you ____ next going to see ____ band play?
  15. Which ____ musical instrument would you be eager to learn how to play and why?


Ask and answer the questions with a partner:

Give a full answer using have got. For example, Are you into playing the guitar? Yes, I am. I enjoy playing the guitar because it is really fun and I am good at it. I usually practice twice a day at home.



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