Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. Ask and answer the questions.


  1. How often do you take ________ new sports?
  2. Are you looking ________ to a sports event in the near future?
  3. How often do you generally work ________? 
  4. Have you ever given ________ doing a sport or physical activity?
  5. Which sports can you get ________ in?
  6. Which sports personality do you look ________ to the most?
  7. Why is it essential to warm ________ before doing sport?
  8. In which sport would you like to work ________ your skills?
  9. Do you always turn ________ to the gym or practice?
  10. Do you usually join ________ when others are doing exercise?
  11. Are you ________ team or individual sports?
  12. Could you get ________ a new sport with ease?
  13. Do you ever go ________ sports that before you really liked?
  14. Do you find it hard to stick ________ an exercise plan or diet?
  15. Who knocked ________ your favourite sports team in the last competition they were in?


Ask and answer the questions with a partner: Give a full answer using have got. For example, Are you into playing tennis? Yes, I am. I enjoy playing tennis because it is really fun and I usually play tennis several times a week.



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