We have been teaching foreign languages for decades and what is clear is that many learners of languages, and especially those learning English, are feeling a little bit lost. It is obvious that it is not only crucial to learn new words and grammar, but also give advice to make life easier for the learner. You can take a look at simple tips to speed up the process of learning new vocabulary or improve your reading and improve your listening skills.

There are some simple tips that we can give that will help you to save time when learning English, so here goes, 5 simple tips to learn English with ease:


Start with what you know

A great way to learn fast is to start with the similarities between your mother tongue and English. For example, in Spanish and English, there is a great deal of vocabulary that is similar and your can also focus on the differences with false friends. In your shoes, I would also focus on high frequency words and word formation.


Take advantage of your time

When you are learning English, it is really important to make the most of your time! We always encourage a balanced approach to learning and to focus on the 4 key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Here are some tips on how to make good use of your study time. It is also crucial to start interested and keep up your motivation when learning.


Speak and listen all the time

The most coveted language skills are the ability to speak English and understand it, this is why you should try to speak and listen to English all the time. It is much easier if you go to class or have a language exchange with other language learners.

Organise your notes

The problem with learning English is the sheer content that you need to get into your head and know how to use. The other problem is that it is impossible to learn everything because languages are always evolving and growing. A great first step is to organise your notes (you should always use two notebook: one in rough and the other to review your notes and put them into neat) and make sure you learn what you are learning well so that you can use it all the time.

Collaborate and work with other learners

If I were you, I wouldn’t approach language learning alone. When you study by yourself, it does have its advantages because you can set the pace and decide what you want to focus on, but it is also difficult to make sure you stay on track. It is a great idea to have a teacher or practice with a language learning partner. Try, at least, a mixed approach so that you do not feel isolated.

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