We use the causative passive for 2 main reasons: to express when we hire someone to do something or when someone does something undesired.

The causative passive is used because the subject (the who) does the action is not of importance, but the action itself.


Study the examples for clarity:

I usually get my house cleaned on Fridays.

I am having my house decorated next month.

I had my leg broken last week during the football match.


However, we can express who does the action if we see it as being important.

I usually get a cleaner to clean my house on Fridays.

I am having a decorator decorate my house next month.


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The causative passive is a very common grammar tense in informal language as it allows you to speak or write in an efficient and concise way. You can save many words by using it.


Look at the example:

I am going to the hairdressers tomorrow to pay the hairdresser to cut my hair.

I am getting my hair cut at the hairdressers tomorrow.



Ask and answer the questions, in order, as appropriate:


  1. How often do you get your hair cut?
  2. Do you normally have the shopping delivered?
  3. When did you last get your car fixed?
  4. Have you ever had a bone broken?
  5. Have you ever had your bag or wallet stolen?
  6. Do you usually get your house cleaned or do it yourself?
  7. When did you last get your teeth checked at the dentist?
  8. Have you had your English level evaluated recently?
  9. Would you like to get your house refurbished?
  10. Are you going to get your writings reviewed before you hand them in?
  11. Have you ever had a car or bike stolen?
  12. Have you ever had your nose broken?
  13. Have you ever got your house painted by a professional?
  14. Are you going to get your hair dyed in the near future?
  15. Would you like to get anyone to help you prepare for the speaking exam?



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