How to answer questions with WHY in English


When we are speaking we are often asked questions with WHY or HOW COME and there are 2 ways you can answer them. This post explains it all…


The first way to answer a WHY question is by giving a reason for your answer or justifying the answer using a basic connector like because/as/since + a phrase. Study the example: Why do you enjoy your job? I enjoy my job because my boss is really kind to us and lets us have time off.

However, we can also use because of/due to/owing to/on account of. The grammar is a little different. Study the example: Why do you enjoy your job? I love my job because of the timetable. It is really flexible.


The second way is by expressing purpose using the full infinitive, in order + infinitive or so that + modal verb. Study the examples: Why are you looking for a new job? I am looking for a new job to earn a higher salary. I am looking for a new job in order to work only in the mornings. I am looking for a new job so that I can have more free time in the evenings.


Another thing to take into account is that there are two ways of asking why questions. You can ask why + auxiliary verb. Why have you always lived in Spain? Or you can ask with how come. How come you have always lived in Spain?

Practice with these speaking questions:


  1. Why did you choose the job you have?
  2. Why would you like to change jobs?
  3. Why did you decide to go to university?
  4. Why have you been working in the same job for so long?
  5. Why do you enjoy your job?
  6. How come you work such long hours?
  7. How come you haven’t ever changed jobs?
  8. How come you get on well with your workmates?
  9. How come you decided to stay in your own country and not live abroad?
  10. How come you are so good at your job?



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