This post will help you to reinforce your understanding of word patterns in the English language.

Before you start to study word patterns, you need to understand what a word pattern is.

Word patterns are a word (verb, adjective, noun) + a preposition.

Do not confuse word patterns with phrasal verbs. Just because it has a preposition does not mean it is also a phrasal verb.

Phrasal verbs change in meaning and do not have a literal translation.

See our post on phrasal verbs for more information.

Frequently used word patterns: Complete the sentence with the missing preposition. (at, on, in, with, for, by, about, from, to etc)

  1. I apologise _____ lying to you about my past.
  2. I am excited _____ going to your party next week.
  3. I am really good _____ speaking foreign languages.
  4. I forgive you _____ lying to me.
  5. I often dream _____ being independent and having more free time.
  6. The health issue prevented me _____ playing in the match.
  7. What time do you usually arrive _____ work?
  8. We have seen an increase _____ the number of inscriptions.
  9. We are really concerned _____ the bad news.
  10. I rarely worry _____ things that I cannot change.
  11. My brother is bad _____ sports.
  12. Is it important to succeed _____ everything you do?
  13. What is the advantage _____ having a supportive family?
  14. I am involved _____ many different projects at university.
  15. I am thinking _____ having a career change.
  16. That is the reason _____ me being so late.
  17. There is a distinct lack _____ organisation in my office.
  18. Your success really depends _____ your amount of effort.
  19. I should get rid _____ my car as it is always breaking down.
  20. It is annoying to hear my friends complain _____ everything.
  21. I am quite keen _____ listening to classical music.
  22. Both of these topics are related _____ each other.
  23. At work I am responsible _____ health and safety.
  24. It is important to compare the first image _____ the other.
  25. I am fond _____ learning English in my free time.
  26. My students are relying _____ me to help them with the exam.
  27. I always listen _____ rock music that was made before 1995.
  28. My brother is married _____ a wonderful woman from Japan.
  29. You will need to provide us _____ all the course materials.
  30. Children should share their toys _____ each other.



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